Episode 9

Published on:

7th Sep, 2023

Episode 7

Published on:

29th Jul, 2023

Episode 6

Published on:

30th Jun, 2023

Episode 5

Published on:

19th Jun, 2023

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About the Podcast

Mental Health Insights in the Bible
Mental Health Insights in the Bible
Helping Christians improve their mental health using the biblical narrative. Two mental health clinicians go through biblical stories and draw out truths about our mental health. These truths lead to actions we can take to improve our mental health.

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Craig Foust

Matt Tilley and Craig Foust are two Christians that are mental health counselors. We have a heart for Christians that are suffering from mental health and feel that this makes them less than and unworthy. We created this podcast to try to give sense to mental health and show how the bible actually has mental health embedded in the stories.